Sunday, 3 May 2009

Food glorious food

On Saturday Pete took me to a top London restaurant for lunch as my birthday present (although my birthday was a week ago). We have got to the stage where buying presents is far too difficult, so stuffing ourselves may be the next best option!

We went to the
Bocca Di Lupo that has received rave reviews in recent months for its imaginative Italian menu. The food was amazing... as was the bill! Don't even ask how much it was!

We met up with a couple of friends afterwards and ended up drinking far too much... for me anyway. We first met at the top of the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane. From 28 floors up, you get a great view of London. We then went to a new courtyard bar at the Dunhill Club - both venues are rather pricey!

The week ahead will be good, as I am only working 3 days (bank holiday on Monday and a day off on Friday).

Here are a couple of pictures I took on Saturday:


  1. That menu makes me STARVING. Yum!!

  2. "From 28 floors up, you get a great view of London."

    Not to bash London or anything, in fact I LOVED the one time I was there.

    I'm just always amazed at how short buildings are in most other cities of the world.

    In Chicago, 28 floors up would likely give you a great view of the 28th floor of the building across the street!

  3. Good point Justin, but you run with what you have!

  4. Justin - you are right about London having small buildings, but as most ARE small, the bigger ones stand out more. Just like life!