Monday, 25 May 2009

The last bank holiday for months and months

Today is a bank holiday in the UK and I really do like not working! Pete and I have spent most of the weekend in the garden - lazing a bit, fixing the garden up a bit and eating.

We found a
newt in the pond yesterday. How does a newt suddenly appear from nowhere in a garden that is fully fenced in?! Answers on a postcard please. Pete wants to call it Isaac (i.e. Sir Isaac newton), while I am going for Pistazza.

Apart from some gardening, we have also been re-watching Lost as we recorded the whole of series 5. It makes far more sense the second time around and would advise fans to re-view before the final series next year. T
he guy who plays the young Charles Widmore is called Tom Connolly and there is something about him I like.


  1. Gotta be pistazza!

  2. The only episode of Lost I've seen is the pilot episode. All my friends go crazy for it - so I should probably rent the seasons and catch up.

  3. Go for it Jake! After a couple of episodes, you'll be hooked. Remember though, there are few answers to what the hell is going on until you get to series' 4 and 5!