Thursday, 14 May 2009

Things I have learned this week

House values on the Dubai 'palm' islands have fallen 40% in 6 months.

Also in Dubai, over 3000 cars have been found dumped at the airport by fleeing foreigners who are in debt and missing loan payments (that's illegal in Dubai).

You generally don't leave a tip in a bar or restaurant in Holland.

Sunday night is a great time to burgle TV and radio personality Gloria Hunniford - as mentioned in a Sunday magazine, she is either at the cinema or in the treehouse drinking gin.

I agree with actor Jason Isaacs who complained about toilet attendants in posh London restaurants and bars - we don't need any help and can manage without you!

I hate the celebrity culture in the UK. It features sad people who make money just because they are famous. The UK has far too many of these irrelevant idiots and I just don't understand why the public are interested in them. I particularly dislike Jordan and Peter who are regularly in the trashy magazines and on TV. Why and how are they famous?! Who reads and watches this shite?! They have announced that they are getting divorced. I give it one month of "exclusive" stories in the stupid-people-magazines before the 2 give marriage another go... complete with further exclusive coverage in the dimwit press. The UK sub class that look up to these slebs' is so very gullible. And to prove how much I dislike the male half of the publicity machine, I wont even include a picture of his long gone six-pack!


  1. Much learned and I must say the Gloria Hunniford thing about treehouses and gin made me laugh.

    Toilet attendents indeed are a pain but seem to abe a by-product of poverty, class and people's desire to any job as long as it is a job.

    The sleb addiction is indeed disturbing but Peter and Katie are legends, for nothing but legends and I have a soft spot for them.

    If 'we' keep lappin git up they'll keep feeding us.

  2. Dubai is the new Detroit. Boom towns go bust, and that one is evaporating at a breath taking rate.

  3. The celebrity culture's the same here in the States. Why do people care about Paris Hilton or the girls of The Hills?

  4. Oh dear Daniel... legends?!?! for what reason!?!?!?! She's a publicity seeker and he's just dim!

    Anyway... is it learned or learnt?