Thursday, 28 May 2009

Football quickie

Last night was the Champions League final between Barcelona and Manchester United. I was cheering on Barcelona. Forget all this "support the British team" rubbish! The Spanish champions outplayed Man Ure and were the deserved winners 2-0. It's always nice to see Alex Ferguson looking a little less smug.

And another football story... Newcastle were relegated from the Premier League at the weekend and they certainly have been awful all season. The fans interviewed blamed the club owner, previous managers and coaches. How about blaming the players? The team consisted of a bunch of overpaid prima donna's who acted like they were too good to go down. From what I read it seems some of the players were there just for the money. Money is one of the major problems with football today - you just cant have players on the pitch earning more in one week than a group of fans in the stadium earn in total in one year!

Anyway, the talk of football always gives as excuse for a semi-naked football picture! I would choose a Manchester or Barcelona player, but none are worth using! So, here's a picture of the sexy Blackburn player who seems to look better as he gets older and also has the coolest of names... Roque Santa Cruz.


  1. If only you had the follow on pictures

  2. Yup, sounds a little like the anything but England syndrome. Though, I'd support the English league team, just not Engerland.

    Besides I've met Mr Ferguson a couple of times. Though I'd have preferred a London team to have had success.

    BTW there's a bit of a football theme going on at my Vanilla blog.