Wednesday, 8 July 2009


The first "5 on the fifth" went OK, but I was a little disappointed not to get into double figures. So please take part next month!

The Rhythms of the World festival in Hitchin was excellent at the weekend. A highly professional world music event and I hear 25,000 people attended. Not bad for a little town in Hertfordshire! Pete and I saw far more acts this year, simply because we stayed longer! Most were impressive, especially some of the local and semi-local bands. Pete bought a CD of the Sam Isaac band which has some good songs on it.

Saturday was scorching, so it was a pleasure to see so many fit lads with their shirts off. It did occur to me that there was an amazingly large number of guys with (a) very fit bodies (b) tanned smooth chests and (c) tattoos. I have a small tattoo (but not a fit body), but it seems that fashion is to have large tattoos and some were really over the top. I enjoyed comparing torsoes from behind my dark sunglasses.

This was the bass player in one of the bands who looking very cool (and knew it) and I couldn't take my eyes of his body, especially when he was jigging about a bit!

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