Tuesday, 28 July 2009

On ya bike

My friend Andrew has written a fine blog article on some recent British sporting achievements including the Tour de France. By pure coincidence I was going to mention Mark Cavendish in a blog entry after his heroics in the Tour. If you have ever read a bit about the race, you will appreciate the superhuman effort it takes to compete and even finish it. A couple of years ago, the race started in London and Pete and I spent Friday through to Sunday as spectators and had a great time. This is one of my favourite photographs of the event - taken at the time trial that included a nice ride through Hyde Park.

A very funny book that uses the tour as its main theme is called French Revolutions (get it?!) by Tim Moore. He also wrote a crazy book about the boardgame Monopoly that is also rather humourous.

And finally, after Andrews thoughtful blog on sporting events, I thought I would show Mark Cavendish and his outstanding assets.


  1. Ah, I knew you could be relied on for pictures of lycra-clad riders!

  2. I do my best to ensure that this blog is no TOO far from the gutter.