Sunday, 19 July 2009


Yesterday Pete and I spent the day at the Lovebox festival in London - the next stage of the musical month of July. For me, it was too crowded and the park wasn't quite big enough for the number of stages and other entertainment. Also, my growing disdain with the general public was not helped by me being barged out of the way many times, seeing girls urinating in public, many guys doing the same and young people especially, just throwing rubbish on the ground.

The real reason for going was to allow Pete to obtain his Duran Duran fix as they were the headliners. I haven't seen them before. They are certainly accomplished musicians and showmen, but this was not the right event for them as a small proportion of the crowd were not that interested at all and one young guy (around 18) said "they should really only play songs that we all know". Idiot.
We stayed in Stratford which is not the nicest of areas in London, but is being slowly transformed into the main London 2012 Olympics venue (though many locations across London are being used). The stadium looks huge when you are up close to it - see a picture below and a couple of other misc things too:

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  1. How bizarre...

    Just yesterday I was having a nosey round the London 2012 website and looking at progress of the buildings!

    Like your rant about the youth of today - I bet it wasn't like that when you were young! :-p


  2. It was far too long ago to remember