Thursday, 30 July 2009


What is it with kids today? OK, let me start that again as I sound very old...

Why do some teenagers walk around with their trousers half way down their arse? Don't they realise that it doesn't make them look cool, it makes them look moronic. Having the ability to dress yourself is an important part of life and sharing your underwear brand shows how shallow you have become.

Does it make me old because I just don't get it!?

I figure that, if you struggle to walk due to your clothing, there has to be something wrong. I have no issues with weird and wonderful fashions - they come and go, but this trend is weird.

In fact, following fashion goes against our aims to be individuals - why follow others like a sheep? Why not do your own thing?

Anyway, I've got that off my chest now.


  1. It all came from, back in the day, US gangsta rap culture, you were your jeans low because you've got no belt, as your belt it taken off you in prison, hence baggy slacks.

    Unfortunately, every bastard is doing it now and it is no good to see that much pant.

  2. sometimes it looks good. like when they've got a cute bum.

  3. Sheep, yeah. And they want to show they belong to the flock. Was it so different when we refused to cut our hair?

  4. 'saggers' they're called and some of my american friends rave over the look.

    "OOHHH LOOK! You can see his undies!" as they still call them!

    But then - they mostly are still a very oppressed nation - it's only the right wing there who can call it 'the land of the free' - in most states, anyway.

  5. Oh - walking around on the Near West side of Chicago would make your head explode. It's funny when these guys have to run (for whatever reason) and must hold their pants up to avoid them falling off.