Friday, 10 July 2009

Pete is a slave to the rhythm

I had intended to post a special music related entry today but the events of last night mean that I have no choice but to change my plans.

James, Sonny, Pete and I attended the Grace Jones concert at Somerset House on The Strand in London. Who would have thought that an Inland Revenue office in the heart of London built in the mid 1800's would make such a great concert venue? The capital does this kind of event so well these days. This first video is just a pan around the courtyard during Pull Up To The Bumper. Sorry about the sound, it was my little camera.

By the way, Sonny wrote a guest blog a while back and he is FORTY YEARS OLD TODAY! So please send suitable birthday greetings to this person you don't know.

But the main reason for this post is to tell you that Pete managed to get up stage again when Grace beckoned for some assistants. I don't think he has a career as a dancer, but he enjoyed himself all the same. The proof is here - Pete is in the light shirt on the left taking a photo when he should be dancing:

And after 5 hours sleep, I need some coffee and quickly drive to see a client!

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