Monday, 26 October 2009

An email to Starbucks

OK, so the new layout didn't work, so we are back to normal (whatever "normal" is). I will review the layout again as I think the 3 column structure can work, but the width of each section wasn't right.

Anyway, I went into our local town on Sunday with Pete and was pretty disgusted with Starbucks after seeing a bag full of "in date" sandwiches thrown away. There are people starving in the world and local people who could benefit from food, yet Starbucks feel it is acceptable to destroy food. So I have emailed them - I will let you know if they reply:

Dear Sirs

I visited XXXX town centre this morning (Sunday) and walked past your Starbucks branch. I was shocked to see, in the rubbish next to the outlet, a bag full of unused sandwiches.

Whilst I appreciate the worthy charity work that Starbucks undertakes and your overall approach to corporate responsibility, the absolute waste of food in the bag cannot be justified. There were at least 40 uneaten sandwiches in the rubbish bag that could have fed those in need.

The obvious answer to me would be to give the sandwiches to the homeless; there is a homeless shelter in XXXX and another two close by in XXXX and XXXX. Making this gift would mean a difference to a lot of people and would avoid throwing them away or selling the items at a lower amount and therefore potentially damaging your brand. Seeing the bag has certainly made me question my support for your organisation.

Let me be clear: my criticism is focused solely on this irresponsible waste of food; I have no problem with your products. I hope that you will reconsider your approach to throwing away perfectly good food, at least at this local branch.

Yours faithfully


  1. now, that works for me!

    today it is looking so much better

  2. Good on you, at least you did something about it.

  3. unfortunately, I think the problem lies with the law and not Starbucks... I believe that the law prevents them from giving away unsold food irrespective of whether it's in date or not. I know that Pret a Manger had to undergo extensive process to give away their own food and, in actuality, they don't end up giving much away as a result.