Sunday, 18 October 2009

Another world champion

It was Lewis Hamilton last year that had Britain celebrating as world champion in the greatest motor racing championship... Formula One.

But this year, super cool Jenson Button is the Formula One world champion. Two British champions, both in their twenties! Jenson won the championship at the Brazilian Grand Prix today cutting his way through the field from 14th to earn a respectable fifth. That's all he needed!

It's a well deserved season win after an interesting year that saw many twists and turns (did you see how I made that phrase fit so well?!). I think that next years season will be even more fascinating and hopefully will be about the driving and not the politics.

And after all the years that Jenson has been accused of being a playboy and enjoying his wealth a bit too much, here is the justice. OK, he has been enjoying the fast paced world and sexy ladies, but he is also a great driver!

Coming in my next blog posting... a letter to my 16 year old self.


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  1. A day to celebrate Britishness with a very small b!

  2. Well, you might have posted on this before I did, but honestly, I didn't see it and wasn't copying! :-p

  3. I only did it as I thought I might be able to find a picture of Jenson shirtless!

  4. JB is ever so super-sexy. Would you not forgive him...anything?