Saturday, 3 October 2009

Snippits October style

Before the next 5 on the fifth blog entry (see last posting), here are a few random thoughts...

FlashForward has started showing in the UK and from what I see so far, I think it's pretty cool. It's a shame that nobody watches Channel 5. It's from the guys who made Lost, so nothing will make sense and I don't expect it to!

For the TV record... The Sky+ box now records daily Frasier and King of the Hill with weekly recordings of Derren Brown, Peep Show, Futurama. Pete tapes True Blood and errrm... Ugly Betty. No accounting for taste.

For rugby fans everywhere, gay friendly bear Ben Cohen is on the front of Attitude this month. I don't buy it as it's trash, but will enjoy looking at the cover. On the rugby-ish topic, the posh England player Olly Barkley is a tease in a new calendar.

Great to see that Rio will be hosting the 2016 Olympic games. It's strange that no country in South America has never hosted a games. London will be fantastic in 2012 and I have already (mentally) booked a weeks holiday to see lots of sports. I think that the USA needs to stop bidding at every opportunity - the games need to travel a bit.

There was a strange coincidence when we were in The Netherlands that I forgot to mention. One of my brothers is a cabinet maker, but does other work if it comes up - well, he had been asked (with his friend) to make handmade wooden windows for an old manor house (when I say old, we are talking 600+ years old). When he turned up at the house, he recognised is as once being the home of the friend I was visiting in The Netherlands about 15 years ago! What was very strange however, my friend and I had "decorated" his bedroom walls with some hand drawn album covers and a funky black, red and grey line across the wall and ceiling... they are still there and it's amazing as we did this twenty years ago!

I don't usually like the questioning of someones sexuality, but... I had always assumed that Russell Howard (star of Mock the week) was gay for some reason - then he mentions a girlfriend. Is my gaydar in need of a finetune?

I have ordered a new company car, after being forced to drive around for nearly two years in a car I don't like! Assuming I am still employed, I will pick the car up in December. It's a BMW like this and it should save me loads in tax.

Next week will be interested as I am presenting in 2 training days. Public speaking was something I used to really loath, but now I enjoy it and actually get a buzz from ad libbing.

Please take part in "5 on the fifth" on Monday. Tell your friends!

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  1. "I don't buy it [Attitude] as it's trash" haha! Yes that sums it up.

    I want to do 5 on the Fifth but I don't have a camera sorry. I'm even without a computer for a couple of weeks. Currently using the ones in the local library, feel cut off from the world at the mo!