Monday, 5 October 2009

Five on the fifth #4

Welcome to "Five on the fifth", a monthly posting that benefits from audience participation. You take 5 photographs on the fifth of the month and post them somewhere on the net - then post a comment here with your name, location and link to the blog/picasa/flickr site containing your photos and I will update the blog entry with your information. This month you can take your own 5 random pictures or follow my 5 suggestions:

1. The morning view from your bedroom window
2. The first person you meet on the day
3. Your favourite piece of art in your home
4. A treasured possession
5. A self portrait

My own pictures are below the links of those who kindly contributed:

Stevie B, USA
Andrew, Somerset, UK
David, Brighton, UK
Pete, Herts, UK
I am witness, Somewhere in the USA
Jimmy James, Greenwich, UK
Dominic, Vienna, Austria
Made In Scotland, London, UK
isnapfotos, Saint Paul, USA (over a few days)

I didn't follow my own suggestions: 1. My ring. 2. Today was a grey day. 3. One of those new 10 pence coins. 4. Tonights dinner - spaghetti. 5. Pathetic little car parked near our house.


  1. Here's mine bud:

  2. Here goes

  3. ...and mine:

  4. Oops... sorry! Forgotted :(

  5. Just a quick note to say, I've checked my stats and 5 on the 5th has given me a much needed boost!

    Now, I need to capitalise on it, by keeping momentum going!


  6. here goes...

  7. did you get mine? a bit of a cheat 'cos I had 2 overlaps!

    Made in Scotland: Five On The 5th

    Still, I put them up on time

  8. mine are going up one at a time...please check it out each day. #1 and 2 are up right now @


  9. Wow, fantastic shots. And what a great exercise. I might be inspired to try this next month.

  10. let me know if i fixed it...

    you can just like to the blog

  11. I participated in the National March for Equality in Washington DC on Sunday. Over 200,000 individuals marched for equality for members of the LGBT community - I've posted a number of pictures on my blog - As a long time ally, this cause is near and dear to my heart...
    Hope you all enjoy!