Saturday, 17 October 2009

Unanswered questions

Yesterday was not the best of days. Pete was placed "at risk of redundancy" by his short-term thinking employer and I received a speeding ticket. OK, Pete's bad news was worse than my self inflicted annoyance, but it does also feel like the shin splints are also back as I can hardly walk today!

I was in Edinburgh for a day this week and seeing the "head office engine" made me appreciate that I can do so much more within the company than I am currently doing. I need to talk to my boss I think, but need to be careful how I word it. The Scots moan about the weather (as we all do), but it always seems to be sunny when I am in Edinburgh.

Last night, I made a great pizza - including making the dough which wouldn't stop rising! It was enjoyed last night along with a bottle of red wine. We were watching the Simpsons and Marge is talking to Homer over a shortwave radio saying "hello... hello... is there anybody in there?" - which is the start of Pink Floyd's "
Comfortably Numb" which I now cant get out of my head.

One last food comment... I am going to attempt making my first cheesecake today. Wish me luck.

Some unanswered questions on a dull Saturday morning:

Was the
Daily Mail article about Stephen Gately homophobic, usual misinformed Daily Mail rubbish or just plain evil? More here
[Bloggers comment: the article, which I have read, seems to imply that only gay guys drink, smoke some drugs and have a 3some. Now, I am sure that the straights out there may have done 1 or 2 of those things!]

Was the balloon boy event a publicity stunt? It was strange, but when I saw the the little boy, he immediately reminded me of myself when I was his age - not that I ever hitched a ride on my Dad's balloon.

Why does every
new Bon Jovi song sound like "Bon Jovi by numbers"? Is it just a loss of talent or just very lazy songwriting?

Something that has puzzled me for a while... what sort of person is interested in Z list celebs like Jade, Jordan and Kerry? Who buys the magazines and the books? I don't understand it at all.

Why do I have to wait until late December for my new car?!


  1. I agree about the poison in Jan Moir's piece. When I heard about SG death at 6am last Sunday morning I started listening and looking at the terminology used to refer to Cowles.

    I was surprised to see the Daily Mail used the term "husband", without the quotes. But I did question whether there was some barb to it...and then Moir's piece. Quelle surprise!

    However, read Charlie Brooker's retort, which is comforting.

    They're all recently posted, along with blog post about husband partner thing.


  2. As a former Edinburgh resident, I assure you it is not always Sunny - you're just lucky!

    It's not as wet as Glasgow, though!

  3. I bet you won't, but just a word to the wise - do NOT economise on fat when making a cheesecake. You can apparently use stuff like fromage frais which, although it ticks the right boxes, lacks enough fat to make a cheesecake decent.

    Our friends 14 y/o make one such - to her mother's instructions - and there's the rub. Her mum can't cook!

    Wot flavour is it to be?

  4. If the Daily Mail evil woman had said the same things about a black couple, she would have been arrested this morning

  5. Hate bon jovie love cheese cake, best of luck to ya;)

  6. I didn't say I liked bon jovi - I just heard the song

  7. Worrying news for your good man, hope he still has a job.

    And Moir does not deserve your words, she's a vile little human who will hopefully be sacked for being a cunt.

  8. What I dont understand is how the Daily Mail gets away with this type of "journalism" time and time again.

    Angry narrow minded sad weirdo's.