Thursday, 15 October 2009


Barry Manilow was on TV the other day being interviewed about a concert in Hyde Park. You know Barry... the New York singer-songwriter who is relying on performing his old hits for immortality. Well, it was shocking to see him - he now looks like a puppet or some kind of circus freak following a great deal of surgery.

Was he expecting the facelift and implants to improve his looks?! Was he hoping that no-one would notice that he now looks weird?!

I know it's not just an American thing, but it seems that many celeb's in the USA see surgery as the answer to aging. Growing old is natural, mutilation by surgery is not. One of my favourite singers is Stevie Nicks who is now 60 years old and has had no facial surgery at all. She looks great and obviously looks after herself (after years of drugs abuse that is). Why not grow old gracefully like her? That a sign of self confidence and she is being honest to herself and all of those around her.

Take a look at the picture of Priscella Presley. She was once a beautiful woman, but is now puffed up and looks like a victim of a car crash. It seems that something went wrong in the surgery as she now talks out of one side of her mouth!

Following a major skin stretch, Kenny Rogers looks like a Kenny Rogers impersinator but I doubt he would win first prize in a Kenny lookalike contest! The tightness on the forehead looks painful to me. Mickey Rourke used to look cool, but now looks a bit sad.

I would only ever consider a "procedure" for something minor that needed to be done and would never ever consider the overhaul that some people have had. And to be honest, not one of them looks better than before. Even Cher looks a bit strange these days.

Why would you do this to yourself? Especially knowing the results will never look natural and you will probably have bloggers picking on you for ****ing up a perfectly good face! The twisted and failed looks of Michael Jaskson were a lesson for us all that surgery doesn't work.

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  1. Oh well said! I do so agree.

  2. I bet Kenny Rogers got a shock when he took the bandages off!

  3. We're back on my vlog entry again!

  4. Obviously the aging process is causing you a great deal of internal angst... intrgigued by the comment "even Cher looks a bit strange these days" - she's looked increasing strange for years - I remember Smash Hits doing a piece on her surgery around 88/89.

    Finally, have you seen Olivia Newton-John lately. 61 and not a wrinkle - must be down to living like Sandra D...

  5. I was being kind on Cher as Pete is a fan!

  6. Why why why do these idiots think that this makes them look better!

    Look at Presley - she looks awful and I would bet money that she would have looked better had she stayed natural.

    Mutilation is a perfect word - the body should not be mucked about with from birth to death.

  7. Found your blog through XO's Middle Eight. I worked with Kenny Rogers about 18 months ago. The photos don't do his surgery justice. He is frightening in person! It does make one wonder what the appeal is. Celebrities who have been under the knife/laser repeatedly never look young. They just look mutilated and merely shadows of their former selves. Great post!