Saturday, 26 June 2010

England expects

It's been a sort-of-busy-work-week, mainly picking up at stupid o'clock on Wednesday morning when I got a flight to Edinburgh.  Dan (my colleague) and myself were in our Head Office by 8.30am and spent most of the day meeting people and not working too hard, but looking as if we were quite successfully in fact.

At 2.30pm we walked to George Street in the heart of the city and found a pub to watch England versus Slovenia.  To our surprise, the place was packed and it was a very big pub.  There seemed to be a few English people there, but it was mainly Scots.  I was pleased to see that most were supporting the auld enemy - something I had not expected (though not the group standing behind me who were clearly anti-English).   It was a fantastic atmosphere and the beer flowed.  We followed that with a fine meal, courtesy of our employer.

Next day was a team meeting, which was one of the better ones.  The Easyjet flight was delayed and then the barriers at the car park at Luton were not working.  So I got home late and had to be up early on Friday.

Despite being exhausted last night, Pete and I joined his brother and girlfriend and best mate to go to Newmarket for an evening race meet.  I had one winner and a couple of close calls.  The weather was perfect and the sunset impressive.  The main reason for the evening (for the others anyway), was to watch Spandau Ballet.  I always found them to be rather "wet", but the performance was professional enough.  I wont be rushing out to buy their greatest hits however.

And this weekend has to be a restful one, though I have to say... "bring on the Germans!"

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  1. Like David James I try to believe at least (one) impossible thing before breakfast.

    Ghana Dreams, dear David....