Friday, 18 June 2010


It's been a strange old week.  I have felt exhausted most of the time and ready for bed as soon as work finishes. And sleep don't come easy either.  I cant blame it on the holiday and jet lag as that was nearly a week ago.  Who knows what's going on in my brain, though Pete is also struggling to sleep and function properly

For the record, today (June the 18th) is our anniversary.  11 years ago we met on a works night out and then sat on the terrace in the crappy flat Pete shared in London, chatting until the sun came up.  I will skip the details of what happened when the sun came up

It's been a dull week overall and the entertainment value in the football World Cup is mixed. This is often the case in the group stages as no teams wants to lose. England play tonight and I pray for some quality attacking play.  I told you my brain wasn't working properly

Still looking for pictures of cute footballers in the World Cup - more to follow.  On the football theme, it looks like Crystal Palace are saved and a new manager has been installed with ex-Scotland manager George Burley joining us.  Good times ahead!!!! Brain still not engaging.

A couple of weird things from yesterday when I was out seeing clients:

- A big fat man on a rusty 1970's
Chopper bike struggling to ride along the pavement near Ascot.

- A sign pointing to "Historic Egham".  Two words you don't expect to see together.
- Listening to NPR music and the presenter said he didn't like Fleetwood Mac.  What a narrow minded blinkered prat.


  1. Happy anniversary, Stephen. Hope that this evening's TV brings some entertainment for you - but of what kind? I'll certainly be watching - and England rarely fails to disappoint in terms of, erm, 'entertainment'. ;-)

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    10 years, eh? 10 years ago I was a fresh-faced recruit in Scottish Widows' call centre starting on my glittering career in Financial Services!

  3. Happy anniversary mate and with you on those that knock the almighty Mac.