Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A small bite of the Apple

Despite the holiday in the USA costing quite a bit, I still managed to save some money to treat myself further and join the cult of Steve Jobs.  Yes, I have purchased a MacBook!

I waited until the machine had been upgraded by Apple and then purchased it through my employer's staff website where we get discounts from a number of companies.  It arrived this morning in a nice brown UPS van.

I am a Mac virgin, but everyone I know that owns one loves the usability and stability.  I appreciate that I could have gone down the Dell route and saved myself lots of money, but the MacBook is cool and perfect for working on photographs, recording podcasts and so much more.  One advantage is that I can sit downstairs using the Mac with Pete and at least have some social interaction, rather than being in separate rooms of the house communicating with muffled shouts.

So I will take the next few days getting used to this powerful little machine and wont bore you with such things again.  Well, if I get an iPhone I might!

In other news, it's been hot in the UK and today was rather humid.  This afternoon I saw a client in a town not too far away.  They are the sort of company I like to visit - small company, but highly professional and really friendly people.  One of the staff, Rob is a really funny (and cute) guy and was wearing shorts and t-shirt when I turned up in suit and tie!

Today is the first day in weeks that we've not had a football game to watch on TV.  I miss the men in shorts already.  Seriously, the Spain v Portugal game last night was great entertainment, even if Torres was off form.

Don't forget 5 on the fifth - this weekend is the perfect time to take some pictures and share them with the world on Monday... the 5th.


  1. I'd not use anything else now at home...

  2. Welcome to the Mac club, me and Eva have been using our iMac for some time and it is a dream.

  3. Oh boy, you'll love that MacBook! We both got ours last autumn and would never go back.