Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The big smoke

It is 8.15am and I am typing this on my Blackberry sitting opposite the new Louis Vuitton store on New Bond Street here in the west end of London. It's the most bling shop I have ever seen - if that is actually English.

As I am a little early for a meeting,  I thought I would sit and watch the world go by and blog.  I am in London today for an all day meeting with some colleagues and thankfully I am not presenting, though I have had to lug my ancient and heavy work laptop to run the Powerpoint slides on. At what point did we become so reliant on Powerpoint?!

I love coming to London but every time I do I am reminded that commuting is stressful (the blackberry auto text took my mistyping of commuting and turned it into vomiting which made me laugh). The train was too warm and the underground too hot. I have arrived tired and hot.

A couple of days ago I heard an interesting comment about London. I heard this city described as being "like another country" rather than part of England and the UK. The reasoning was that the culture is unique with an amazing mix of people. It is unlike any other place in the UK with the widest swing of wealth in the country, a super-fast pace of life and over a hundred languages being spoken. This has led to the area within the M25 feeling and actually being different to the rest of the country.  Having lived and worked in London, I think that they could well be right.

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  1. Well, being in the belly of the beast, I can vouch for its intensity and wonder!