Sunday, 25 July 2010

Rythyms 2010

Pete and I spent most of the last two days at the Rhythms Of The World festival in Hitchin.  It was a brilliant and tiring weekend!  The festival features dozens of artists from around the world and across the UK.  We witnessed some wonderful performances and I am sure we missed lots of good ones too as there was so much going on across the 6 stages.

As the weather was so nice, it brought out the fit lads (some very very fit) with their tops off.  Nice!  Last year saw 26,000 attend over the 2 days and I hope the same have turned out this year.  The people that come along are from every part of the community:  the rich, the poor, the kids, the oldies, the weirdos, etc.

Seeing some artists makes me regret not taking any musical instrument seriously.  Might treat myself to a banjo and a bongo.

Something that occurred to me today as was eyeing some really beautiful guys... good looking people flock together. Anyway, here are some pictures I took today.   By the way, last year's event was the start of
5 on the fifth.

1.  Weirdos

2.  Cute guy from The Bay Brothers
3.  Random teen dancing
4.  Random topless guy
5.  The Bay Brothers (anyone else think the one on the left is really cute but needs to lose the stupid long hair?)


  1. I'll take any of them. Gladly.

  2. The kissable lips on number 2. Yum.

  3. Pic 5 - guy on the left is nice and could do with a better haircut. Guy on the right BADLY NEEDS a haircut

  4. #2 and the guy on the left in #5 are the same guy, right? Yes, very cute! As for the haircut, I am not sure. I kind of like that long hair look. If he's also funny and intelligent, he is my kind of guy.