Friday, 9 July 2010


I’ve spent the past few days in Edinburgh working with representatives from one of our clients. It’s been a couple of long heavy days.

On Wednesday evening we went to a fantastic restaurant that sits at the top of a building off George Street with views across the city. It was very expensive, but I wasn’t paying so enjoyed an impressive meal. The restaurant was called Oloroso, which a Facebook buddy from Colombia reliably informs me translates as “smelly” in Spanish. I did look it up and thought it translated more as “odour”, but I was corrected and told that he would never eat in a place with such a name!

Once again, Luton airport was a nightmare. I can’t believe how poorly the airport is managed with huge traffic problems and delays getting to car parks all down to amateurish traffic control and the greed of charging people drop passengers off.

Today I am travelling to my parents house in Kent where Pete and I will meet and stay overnight before going to France for the weekend. We may have to go up the pub tonight of course! There’s nothing like a beer or two sitting outside a beautiful 14th Century Inn in the summer.

It’s been around 5 weeks since we had rain and the countryside is more like our “brown and pleasant land” in the southeast of England and it’s going to be another scorcher this weekend. It has been a long while since we have been to France, which we used to do every 6 weeks or so. We are both looking forward to some food, drink, relaxation and shopping. I’ll take a few pictures and post them next week.

Have a fine weekend.


  1. I love great restaurants this looks like a great one, however, it serves pigeon? :( poor things.

  2. I've only been to Scotland twice - both times to Edinburgh for the festival. But did manage to get up Arthur's Seat! (Sorry. Couldn't resist.)
    I did an OU diploma in Spanish and can only imagine that your friend (did you mean from ColOmbia?) was translating 'oloroso' from South American Spanish. In European lingo the word would mean a pleasant smell, fragrant. Just illustrates the traps one can fall into.
    But do have a jolly time in La France. I'll give your forthcoming pics my total attention.

  3. I have corrected my bad speeling ;-)

  4. I used to love that restaurant. I remember many a cosmo in there around the time I qualified. Bryn