Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Underground art at home

In our living room we have 3 wooden square frames with space for images around 18cm square.  My plan was to change the artwork on a regular basis, but have been a bit lax lately.  However, for the latest art show, I have taken an iconic image and amended it slightly to produced 3 new art forms.  I expect the copyright police to come-a-calling.

Many of you will know the Underground map, but without the place names and the Thames, can you spot the locations?


  1. Yes, even though haven't been in London 'properly' for 17 years I managed to identify all three, though had to consult 'Beck' to confirm the names of the stations in middle one.

  2. Without looking the map, no cheating I swear...

    1. Green Park at the bottom, Oxford Circus to the right and Bond Street to the left.

    2. Aldgate East and Whitechapel

    3. Bank is the one with everything going all the way through it, not sure what the one is below Bank, Cannon Street?

  3. Great idea. Very creative!

  4. Ah, very good...

    Reminds me a bit of one of my all time favourite pieces of art: Great Bear by Simon Patterson


    or here for the actual picture:


  5. I know that well. We were going to buy a print a few years ago, but opted for something else in the end.

  6. green park straight away...ahoj