Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A weird coincidence

For those that read the blog entry I posted on Sunday, you will recall that I mentioned that Pete and I went out on Saturday night and met a guy called Tom.  I do remember that he mentioned that he comes from near where I grew up in Kent but we didn't talk too much about work.

Well... my brother has been in touch to say a guy also called Tom, who is doing some decorating work for him, asked him yesterday if he had a brother living in Hertfordshire.  They pieced it together and found that by pure coincidence, I had been drinking with him on Saturday night!

Tom had figured that I looked just like my brother, but just without the thick black hair.

It's a weird small world sometimes.


  1. I enjoy moments like that, reminds me of the humanity of it all.

  2. Spooky. Things like this confirm to me that there are forces and dimensions yet to be discovered.

  3. Love those 6 degrees of separation coming to life. We are all inter-connected.

  4. A very small world, indeed. I've encountered several of those sorts of situations in my life and am stills surprised by them.