Saturday, 24 July 2010

A challenge

This is an in-joke in our house but I have decided to share it with you and turn it into a bit of a challenge.  This is for UK readers only... sorry.

When Pete and I go into any charity shop (as it's important to support them) looking at the books, DVDs and CDs, we often see the same CD for sale. The album in question is "K" by Kula Shaker.  
I therefore challenge you to go into 3 charity shops in your town and I am confident that you will find the CD in one of them.  It really works!



  1. I made no comment on the quality - though the fact that it's in most charity shops in the country would suggest that it's not a favourite.

    Have you checked the local charity shops???

  2. Last weekend I went into my local town of Poole and had a look in a charity shop. I was pretty shocked to see this CD!!!

    Stephen was right!