Sunday, 24 April 2011


Today is my birthday and I am typing this on the train home (on my iphone) after a very long day in London.

We left home 8.30am and took a train and 2 tubes to rich/trendy Richmond with the main aim of having a top lunch. Although the day started a bit chilly, by the time we got there it was warm and sunny.

Everyone is labelled up in Richmond: Hollister, Jack Wills, Eden Park, Crew, etc.  It's a very wealthy area - in fact, Mick Jagger lives on the hill. We walked along the Thames path for a while, grabbed a coffee then a Gin, before going for lunch.  We selected Al Boccon Di' Vino for my birthday lunch based on the amazing scores on Tripadviser. It's not only a top Italian restaurant, it's also voted one if the best in London - and there are 6000 London restaurants and cafes on Tripadviser.

The restaurant has no menu. You sit and they feed you. From what we remember, this was lunch (each a separate course):

Bread and oil
Fried smoked cheese
Asparagus and egg
Veal and anchovies
Mozzarella and tomatoes
Beans and pasta
King prawns
Capaccio salad
Mushroom ravioli
Artichoke ravioli
Desert wine
Chocolate cake
2 bottles of wine

You may guess that we were a little drunk by the end of our 3 hour epic meal! I won't tell you how much it was, but let's say that it was a treat that may not be repeated for a while.

We walked from Richmond to Kew before getting a bus then a tube to Tottenham Court Road. We walked to Kings Cross station and then home!  Here are some pictures from the day, complete with an enhanced David mural...


  1. Happy Birthday! I know the weather has been marvelous -- which you well deserve.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Hope you enjoyed your day!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Mr Stephen! :-)

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day!!! :)

  5. Many happy returns for yesterday, Stephen. May you have even more birthdays than....well, than I've had.

    Just looked up to see exactly where you're posing and....Gotcha! Not far at all from some, erm, 'interesting' areas - where I oft frequented when living in the big L.

    On your menu that 'Fried Smoked Cheese' sounds mouth-watering and inventive. have to look out for that. Almost as appetising as the extra-endowed David.

  6. Happy Birthday! :-)
    (even a bit late)
    It looks like you had a very nice day! I'm glad