Wednesday, 11 May 2011

City boy

I've been working at the Gherkin today.  London was grey and busy, but it's good to visit once in a while.  There's not much to report, other than I enjoyed seeing (perving over) the cute City guys.

Something I will share with you however.  Someone I know on Facebook is in the USA was moaning about the price of petrol.  They say that they usually pay $3.65 a gallon and the local garage was charging $4.05.  I had to add a comment to their status to remind them that the UK equivalent is around $6.00 a gallon.  They don't know how most countries tax petrol to death!  On the flip side, now is a good time to move to Venezuela where fuel is subsidised by the state is currently 12c a gallon!

To end today, here is a picture of the nearly completed Heron Tower.

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