Saturday, 21 May 2011


I am exhausted as I type this on my iPhone. I am sitting on an Easyjet flight from Edinburgh to Luton and it's Friday evening. I won't be home before 8pm.

I travelled to Edinburgh on Wednesday evening and immediately went out to dinner with 4 colleagues. We went to a lovely Italian restaurant in the city centre. It know it's silly, but I found the Italian/Scottish accent to be funny.

I stayed at a different hotel to the usual one and had been upgraded for some reason. The room was very big and had a Nespresso machine and also a Bose player. So I lay in the bath drinking a top notch coffee and listening to my iPod through the Bose!  Very nice.

On Thursday morning we welcomed 20 clients and presented to them all day before getting them to hotels.  Actually, our delegates were the support staff of the advisers I usually deal with.  Such people often have a greater influence of where business goes than the business owners.  I had been suggesting for over 3 years that we run this kind of event.

It was a bit of a logistical nightmare as we had to use 4 hotels. Edinburgh currently has a huge medical conference on as well as a marathon and lots of tourists, so hotels were full.  The group of 25 went to a restaurant called Gusto and had a good laugh.  More drinks followed and a few of us whimped out at midnight.  The rest carried on until 3am and so Friday was a little subdued as more presentations were given, followed by a buffet lunch and then taxis and flights.

This was the view from our meeting room...

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