Sunday, 8 May 2011

Steam Fair

We went to a local steam fair today that raises funds to keep an old working Mill open.  It great fun, not seeing the traction engines necessarily, but looking round the stalls, watching the shows and a flying display of 1930's planes was a good way to pass the time.  Seemed like thousands turned out.

There was an amazing show featuring birds of prey including a couple of Bald Eagles.  There was a stall that sold fresh coffee beans, ground to your specifications - so I bought some for the stove espresso pot.  We also bought some flour milled on the premises.

After a few hours in the sunshine, we went to Pete's brothers for meat meat and more meat.  He knows how to arrange a barbecue!

Feeling fat tonight!


  1. Ah, a bald eagle photographed by a bald Eagles fan... :-)

  2. You win the prize for stating the bleedin' obvious!


  3. Oh, you carnivores! Pass me an espresso, will you?