Friday, 13 May 2011

Eurovision cometh... again

So here we go again, it's Eurovision time.  It's that time of the year that I moan about the music and the political voting.  And this year I also get to complain that Jedward are representing Ireland and I just know that the X Factor loving chavs around the UK will vote for them. Jedward cant sing!   And the hair looks ****ing stupid.  Calm calm calm calm.  At least they CAN just about look good sometimes - without the idiotic hair style...

The best looking guy in the competition is from Sweden, it's Eric Saade.  Someone on Twitter said that he looks like a Bel Ami 'model'. Works for me.


  1. Maybe I have gone old but I nowadays sort of enjoy watch (and sometimes laugh at) this spectacle. At least tonight's final, everything leading up to it is utterly boring to me. So I'll probably be watching. And I'm with you on Eric Saade. Handsome-points? There goes my twelve.


  2. I'm rooting for Iceland this year, while also hoping that Sweden and Switzerland finish near the top, but on past form that means that none of these is likely to win. I'm invariably mystified at the eventual winning song.
    Having only missed half a dozen contests since 1959 when Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson came second, I know that my own choices just never triumph, or come anywhere near it - apart, that is, from the played-to-death 'Puppet' of 1967 which I knew even before the contest that it just couldn't FAIL to win.

    As for eye-candy, bit disappointed there aren't more beards among the performers this year. There were at least two 'cracker' bears last time.
    Jedward are always compulsively fascinating, even though I'm always wanting to plant a custard pie in their smug mugs and comb their hair down while they're trying to clear their eyes. The song, though gets points from me for being utterly unlike anything we've heard before, at least in Eurovision.

    Btw It remains a mystery to me why 'Waterloo' won in 1974. As an ardent Abba fan, even at the time I knew that although it wasn't a BAD song it was still nowhere near as good as they became capable of. But I'm pleased it did win, if only because it was the catalyst which got them noticed.