Sunday, 22 May 2011

Snobbery in action

I have written a review for a film we watched last night called Archipelago and you can read it on the IMDB or just read it below!

Snobbery in action  -  1 star out of 10

This film is a perfect example of where reviewers like to show themselves as being superior to the "common man" by rating an awful film with high marks. They then aim to justify the review by saying that "we" just didn't get the movie.

This is an amateurish film on every level, yet the so called risks it takes in terms of style are seen by professional reviewers as something special. No dear reviewer, the risks made for lazy and ineffective viewing and could, in fact, be classed as simply annoying.

The script takes you nowhere and there are a few scenes which leave you puzzled as to why they were included. Most seem improvised and add nothing to the storyline and just highlight how poor the acting is. A scene about judging the sex of a lobster seemed the worst filler in any movie I have seen in my life.

The camera is fixed rigidly in place, focused on anything other than the action (and I use that word loosely). If the director had used that approach once or perhaps twice, I would consider it to be arty. To have the actors "act" off camera most of the time became baffling. I have no doubt that a group of high school students could have made this film and probably have done a better job.

The film gets one point from me merely for the scenery on the beautiful Scilly Isles.


  1. (Thinks: "I hope Stephen does NOT read this")

    I've just consulted my 'Film Register' and note that when I saw this in March, I gave it 7/10 - and now I'm blushing with shame to the very roots!

  2. I was SO bored and so was Pete. He gave it half a point on Love Film (up to 5 stars).

    Raybeard - I usually accept your views, but this time... you are just wrong!

  3. Well, Stephen, who am I to argue with your last remark? In mitigation I'd just say that I mark films on terms of my own personal enjoyment (or lack of) immediately on returning home after seeing them, NOT whether I think they were 'quality' films which succeeded in that genre - and I do know that even my opinions change over time and wish I'd scored them differently.
    You know sometime you and I ought to do a chart of our WORST-ever (i.e. LEAST enjoyed) films. No, I won't even wait. Here's two acknowledged blockbusters for starters, straight of the top of my head. 'Top Gun' and 'E.T.'! I rest my case.

  4. I just watched this film and wished I had found your review first.

    It really is an awful piece of moviemaking. You can just see the Director saying "let's be really arty and wanky and the reviewers will love it because they will be too afraid to say otherwise"