Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A hit with the ladies

Yesterday I unexpectedly bumped into an ex-colleague (Samantha) who is married to another ex-colleague (Adam).  Adam and I used to take the piss out of each other all the time as we are both quite short. I had a quick chat with Sam and the person I was with said to me afterwards: "Wow, I wish I had good looking women randomly coming up to me saying hello!"

So I added that comment to her Facebook page and here are the follow up statements...

Samantha:   Aww that's a lovely compliment. Did he see my baby bump?  Good to see you after so long!! 

Stephen:   I dont think he was that observant - I told him lovely ladies are always saying "hello", but of course they are wasting their time with me!

Adam:   Stop flirting with my wife.

Stephen:   You can flirt with my boyfriend if you are jealous.

Adam:   Can I pat his head like i used to you?? ;-) 

Stephen:   If you can reach :-p

Samantha:   ‎:D

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