Sunday, 7 August 2011

Peterborough loss

Yesterday Pete and I went to Peterborough play Crystal Palace to watch the opening game of the Championship season.  Palace were made up mainly of new signings and loan players.  This did not work. It seemed to me that too many players didn't know their exact role and we lost 2-1.  When Peterborough attacked and moved the ball quickly, we were vulnerable.  Anyway, let's not dwell on that part of the day.

I cant remember the last away game I went to, it was that long ago and it was a great atmosphere with 3000 Palace fans packed into one end of the stadium.

I had never been to Peterborough and was surprised at how nice the town centre is.  However, the population there looks... strange. Ask anyone that knows and they will just say "it's the people from the fens - too much interbreeding".  Also, Polish is the first language it seems.  With so many farms in the area, the Poles come to pick crops because the unemployed English are too lazy.

The last 5 on the fifth was well attended from all over the world - so thanks for those who took part.  I found a couple had not added a link to my site.  Please remember to do that or the others wont know you are playing!

Here are some images from the day - via the Instagram iPhone app.