Monday, 15 August 2011


It was a splendidly busy weekend.  I drove along a painfully slow M25 on Friday to arrive at parents at about 6pm.  Pete was already there having got a train from a London appointment.  We went up the local pub with the parents. A great way to spend a summers evening.

On Saturday morning, Pete and I went to Tunbridge Wells.  It's a great place to look around the shops - from the usual in-every-high-street to the independent ones.  However, the main reason for the visit to Kent was to attend a BBQ with guest of honour my nephew Sam who turned 18 on Sunday.

We had a lovely party and finished late - though Sam finished far later as he went to Maidstone with some friends after midnight to go clubbing (as he was officially over 18) and was keen to waive his ID in the face of a bouncer.  Of course, no-one asked for his ID!

Here is a picture of 3 of my nephews - the 3 brothers.  Sam is the upside down one in the photo below, which is actually a remake of a photo I took in 2007.

On Sunday, we drove to London to watch some fit ladies wearing very little in a world Beach Volleyball competition.  It was officially part of the Olympic warmups and the 'stadium' for 1500 people was in Horse Guards Parade.  For those outside of the UK, William and Kate rode through the arch after their wedding.  It's a fantastic location for a sporting event.

It was a shame that it wasn't the mens competition, but we were both impressed by the skills required by the pairings.  The Brazilians beat the USA for the record.

Here are some images from the day.  That's Ronnie Wood in the 3rd picture and a guy gyrating with one of the dancers in picture number 4!


  1. The photograph of the volleyball player signalling is brilliant!

  2. Sounds like a rather lovely weekend. Oh to be 18 again

  3. The guy dancing with the girls is a hoot (and he's easy on the eye too)!