Monday, 22 August 2011

The state of the nation

I yoinked this image from a national newspaper last week.  Sadly, it sounds like the UK in 2011.  However, when you compare with other countries I have visited and even the UK of generations passed, has it really changed that much?  In the 1950's for example, the murder rate was higher, crime in general was higher and poverty was worse - so are we really in such a bad state?

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  1. I happened to see that letter last week too. While it's quite true, I think we'd struggle to find any city without many of these social ills.
    I think one of the main differences between now and the 50's is the level of expectation. Young people expect more now than they did then and when it doesn't materialize, there can be a huge issue with anti social behaviour.

  2. Sounds like the UK to me!