Tuesday, 9 August 2011


This is a very depressing posting...

I just want touch on the recent/ongoing riots in London today.  We can all agree that they are nonsensical and without any justification.

Time will tell, but I think that a lot of the rioters are doing it for the thrill and with criminal intentions and sadly, they are using social media to be highly mobile.  It saddens me so much as London is an amazing city with so many opportunities for everyone who wants to take them.

Part of the problem us that our justice system is too weak on criminals.  A police officer friend says that most people he arrests have dozens of convictions and don't care.  A slap on the wrist is all they get.

And the Police are working with one hand tied behind their backs - give them water cannons, tazers and guns if required. Get this sorted and cut out the crap that Theresa May was spouting this morning about consensual Policing.

I hope that they spend a good long time tracking these thugs down and throwing them in jail. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if we see some vigalante action if this is not resolved.

The thing that really scares me is that there are thousands of young men, many who have nothing to demonstrate about, thinking it's appropriate to steal and terrorise people. Is there such a large evil underclass in the UK that is selfish, angry, bitter and without morals? 

We will see what happens next...


  1. I couldn't agree more. Mindless thuggery. You are so right about our justice system too. I'm tempted to say "shoot to kill" as a method of suppressing the unrest but perhaps that's stretching things just a bit and lowering myself to their level. But rubber bullets, the army, water cannons? Bring them on I say.

  2. Yes, words fail completely. I could say the obvious but of course I agree that those caught and found guilty should be given a custodial sentence sufficient to punish and deter for the future, but one thing that worries me is where are all the extra prison spaces needed going to be found? Even before that stage it's not as though the British justice system is exactly sitting around waiting for work.
    Furthermore, with all those police tied up, just imagine if while this is going on a terr....... (I'm not even going to finish the sentence.)

  3. The lot are fucking losers that need to be taught a lesson. Free up the Police to use ANY force they want.

    Letting them steal from shops for hours without intervention is not on.

  4. All the above may be very true, but the media is eating it up and fanning the flames for more of the same. Making celebrities where there ought to be accountability.

  5. It is interesting to hear your perspective being in the UK where this is going on.

  6. Bad parenting, lazy youth, crap justice system, police unable to be effective

    They dont know how lucky they are in their £100 trainers and with their £300 iphones.

    I dont expect anything to change - though a lot needs to.