Thursday, 4 August 2011

Stuff 'n' snippits

The past few weeks have seen Pete and I attend a couple of local events as part of a month long town festival.  First, we went to an evening of local film including one that was made in 1911.  It was a surprisingly interesting evening that also included details of the four cinemas that the town once had.  There is no cinema here today.

And along with 28 others, we took part in a ghost walk.  It was actually more of a history walk, but it was amazing what you can learn about your local town - and even more surprising were the many things I had never noticed.

I saw this litter fella and took his picture with my compact camera.

One night last week, we took our friend Melissa out for dinner and drank far too much.  Friday was a struggle, but luckily a meeting I had to was fairly local.

We also went to a charity garden party run by my Mum and Dad and I took this picture of my sister-in-law throwing a coin in the air.  You can see the coin...

And of course, the next posting is 5 on the fifth

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