Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday and the changing world

Thankfully it's Friday and time for a glass or two of wine I think.
I had to travel to a village (nice) near Bracknell (not nice) today to see a client.  The company I visit is small, but the owner is a really nice guy - very loud and funny with it.
I was a little early, so parked up and saw a few people taking their dogs for a walk in the morning mist.  I took this picture as I waited.

Yesterday I was in the Gherkin in London for a team meeting. I had been "volunteered" to present a short session on social media. I attended a fascinating 3 hour seminar on the topic last week and it blew my mind to be honest. The world of marketing is changing rapidly and the way that we will be "sold" to in future is changing too.

I ended my session with this video clip. To say that the information it contains is staggering would be a slight under estimation!  Watch and enjoy - my colleagues loved it.


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  2. Or 3 bottles?

    Friday comes around enough soon; but to deserve it takes more. Takes its toll.... For I had that thought.


  3. The video is one of those which glues you to the screen for fear that if you look away you're going to miss something vital. And now I think my head's about to explode.

  4. Amazing video clip!