Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Tube

Over on Andrew's blog, he occasionally highlights an iconic image.  One of the most iconic is the London Underground logo, which the organisation cherishes and takes legal action all over the world to stop any abuse.  The roundel was designed in 1908 and the simple shape, colour and font are instantly recognisable.
If you want to buy the real thing, made by fusing glass particles to sheet metal, the London Transport Museum can arrange it for you... for a price!
The metre squared option (i.e. those used on the platforms) is a snip at £895.  A slightly smaller version at a bargain £795.
Due to the price, we will stick with our own much smaller version that is on our bathroom door...

1 comment:

  1. I've only just noticed (honestly!) but there is surely more than a passing resemblance of this sign - especially in your version - to the universally recognised 'No Entry' sign. Shapes are identical - only the size of your, erm, 'Gentlemen's part' is bigger than the circle will accommodate. Strange or what? Or could there even be a subliminal message here?