Friday, 14 October 2011


This week I witnessed three things you wouldn't see in England... all with three participants:

- Three lads aged around 19, one of which was very cute, sitting in a bar after college\Uni chatting and drinking a bottle of Rose. Friends, both male and female, come over and all are greeted by kisses on both cheeks. Very mature and cultured.

- Three cheeky teenage boys on the bus playing the fool and as each leaves at his stop, they all politely shake hands to say goodbye.

- Three middle aged men sat in the bar drinking beer and drawing pictures!  They take it in turns to draw with a black pen on a piece of paper.  The result was a truly abstract image. Once finished, they order another beer and get a fresh piece of paper.

So very different from England. Anyway, here are some images from the past few days including the first one - a tall white guy showing his arse...


  1. ....and Stephen, all those naked men sitting atop poles, have they all got contented smiles on their faces?

  2. Indeed, it's not only civilisation in the sense of art and history, but a lot more in the way people treat each other. We in western Europe are slowing getting decivilised.

  3. The English dont have the level of culture that they think they do.