Sunday, 13 November 2011

At the castle

We've had a busy weekend.  On Friday we have 3 people round for dinner - Pete made Carbonnade Flamande (fancy beef stew!) and I made a cheesecake.  Both were very yummy.

On Saturday we met two friends Trudie and Jonathon and travelled to Windsor. We spent hours looking round the castle - which was actually far more interesting than I thought it would be. One fact amazed fact - the Windsor collection has 600 Leonardo Da Vinco sketches!

We had a walk along the river and then went to a working mens club - yes, you read correctly.  Jonathon is a beer fan and had found that this 'club' had a great choice of beers. It was not too bad, but not a place I will go back to! We then travelled to a couple of pubs (I was not drinking alcohol) and decided on a remote pub for dinner and beer.  We arrived to find the place in virtual darkness due to a power cut. It was impressive however as the candles added to the atmosphere - but the food was off and we had to go elsewhere.

To say that history is everywhere at the castle is an understatement. Henry VIII is even buried in the chapel.

I took a few pictures, including a favourite one of a cute fit soldier. Yes, I am old enough to be his father. Shut up.

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  1. Fantastic pictures - I really want to visit England!