Monday, 14 November 2011

I got those lonely boy blues

There is something really depressing about eating alone in a restaurant but tonight I did just that.
I have ended up in Hereford tonight on business.  This is a rare occurrence thankfully, but I am staying in a sterile hotel on the edge of town. There is nothing close by, not even a pub; so I had to drive into the city centre and as I type this, my food is being prepared. You have to do something when sitting alone - you cant just stare into space!
It's depressing being here especially in this dark lifeless town. Oh woe is me!
The only good news is that I don't have to go far in the morning as I am presenting at a clients team meeting in the same sterile hotel. I was lucky to be allowed to book it.
The major downside will be the 3+ hour drive home. I need to get something positive from this and will catch up on podcasts I think.

And in other news... I went out for a run yesterday in the lovely sunshine and managed to hit a low hanging branch with my head. Stop laughing!  I now have a red swollen mark on my forehead.  I look like a Harry Potter reject.


  1. Take a book... I suppose I would get tired of eating out alone in such circumstances if I did it endlessly but think I wouldn't mind the odd night every so often, indeed, I did so in a previous job!

  2. Harry Potter reject? hahaha!

    Yeah I love mucking about with my phone when I'm out to eat alone. Also, I've found that eating next to a window is quite handy, one can look out and have something to look at while eating.

  3. Yeh iPhone solves all these problems. It can be a bit lonely and Alan Partridge but also nice to get away. Depends how nice the hotel is. I had a great time ordering room service at a posh hotel paid for by work!

  4. I agree with oneexwidow. Take a book. That's what I do.