Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Some hatred in the world

I came across this image on Instagram and it enraged me.  I left a comment, along with a few others, stating how we found this picture a little insulting.  The God loving owner deleted the comments and started quoting the Bible.  Amazing how Christians pick and choose the parts of the Bible that suit them and ignore the many parts about stoning women for doing almost anything normal.

If you have an iPhone and use Instagram, please leave a few comments.  She obviously loves reading them:  http://inkstagram.com/#/photos/354081969_6423368


  1. There are at least two arrogant assumptions in the short statement posted above:-

    a) That we all believe that there IS a god and if we don't then we should not only do so but we must also subscribe to the same idea of a god as advocated by the person posting this. (No room for doubters, nay-sayers or even those Christians who do NOT believe in a literal truth of every Biblical passage!)
    b) That Adam and Eve were actual historical figures.

    I reckon that both fall through lack of evidence - but then proof is not required when it comes to opinion, is it? Or is this a special privilege which must be granted to religious fundamentalists only?

  2. Why do some poeple waste so much energy in hating homosexuals? Why do they bother to have such a strong opinion about a subject with absolutely no relevance in THEIR lives and where there is no harm done to anyone? Where do they see a thread to heterosexual relationships and marriages when equal co-existance is perfectly possible. I just don´t get it.

  3. She sounds like a brainwashed stupid child