Thursday, 5 January 2012

Amir's chest

I have little interest in boxing. I don't quite understand the thrill of watching 2 guys try to beat each other up. In fact, here's a quick fact for you: the boxing glove actually makes it easier for a guy to kill another guy, compared to bare knuckle fighting. When fighting without gloves, you have to be careful not break your hand so your don't punch as hard. Therefore, far more men were brain damaged and killed once gloves were invented.
Anyway... I may not like boxing, but I know a sexy boxer when I see one. For years I have fancied Amir Khan and as I saw him on TV last night, I thought I'd share some pictures. He has lovely eyes, obviously fit body and is always so polite when interviewed. However, I have noticed that someone sees fit to shave his chest sometimes - if he wants a volunteer, he just has to call!

And this image doesn't leave much to the imagination!


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  1. What a stunning hunk of a guy. I agree, his eyes are lovely.

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  3. While usually I like boxers' torsos better than their faces, with Amir it's the other way around. I particularly like his eyes and eyebrows.