Sunday, 8 January 2012

DIY 'n' stuff

Yesterday I spent much of the day finishing off the 'special' room that I have built at the end of the garage.  I have mentioned this room before and it was pretty much complete apart from the wall under the window.  So I built a wooden frame, added insolation, covered it and connected a windowsill!  And finally, I put up some blind. Not being a pro at DIY, it took most of the day.

The room could do with painting, but now it's a fully usable room with insolation better than a Norwegian ski lodge and has carpet, TV and some gym equipment.  I am very proud of building a new wall and false walls, ceiling, moving plugs and lights etc, but do realise that it's taken too long to finish and is a bit... errrrm... amateur in places!

I was aching this morning from all the manual labour! Even so, I had promised Pete that we would go for a bike ride. We cycled to his Mum's house and back (16 miles-ish). There are some horrible hills en route. I have figured out that, despite running a bit lately, cycling uses very different muscles!

I therefore think that it could be a good idea to cycle as well as run, to build up my leg muscles.  Anyway, I took a picture of this hairy chap while we were out.

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