Monday, 30 January 2012

Michael Ball... no, not the singer

Former Everton and Manchester City defender Michael Ball has been fined £6,000 by the Football Association for homophobic comments posted on Twitter. He has also been released by his club Leicester.
Ball messaged Coronation Street actor Antony Cotton, who is openly gay and plays Sean Tully in the soap. Cotton was appearing in I'm a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! 

Ball wrote: "That ****ing queer. Get back to your sewing machine in Corrie you moaning bastard."
I have no sympathy for Ball. He is a sad little man, but I actually think the fine should have been more and the Police involved.

It wasn't a witty, silly throwaway comment; it was filled with hate. You don't call someone a f***ing anything and not mean something deeper. And he made it far worse by messaging the actor directly. What is his problem?!
If any public figure wrote something like this about any religious group, he would possibly have been arrested. Also, he should really have known that his "thoughts" would be seen by many people.
The topic of gay footballers is for another day, but immature, pathetic, bigoted fools are holding professional gay footballers back by promoting hatred. The man is a fool.


  1. Average footballer and now tagged as a bigot. What a complete twat.

  2. His namesake sings "Love changes everything". Sounds like that would be quite a challenge with this hard nut. But one lives in hope.

  3. Twat is the right word. What a nasty bloke.

  4. Joey Barton goes way up in my estimation!