Monday, 23 January 2012


Well the first posting of 'The Question' was more successful than I had expected. A varied group of contributors and comments flying about. It was interesting to read that some people answered with something personal, others with the aim of helping others and some a little strange!

Thanks for playing... we'll do it again this time next month. If you have any suggestions for the next Question, please leave a comment.

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  1. No, thank YOU, Stephen. It was a good idea and it has legs.
    You've already got a number of suggestions from the time you first requested them. I won't repeat my own. It's your privilege to present it, postpone it or to bin it. Whatever you do, I'm not going to carp.

    One thought, though. Although it's always interesting to read another person's blog right through, I personally like it more when the direct answer to the question is given at the very outset, concisely in few words, perhaps highlighted with bold lettering. Then, further elaboration can be offered in ensuing paragraphs, such as reasons for that particular answer, other ideas that went through their heads, maybe references to other bloggers' answers etc.

    Anyway, that's just the way I feel.
    Looking forward to your next Q. Must admit that this last one made me think at greater length about what my response would be than perhaps I've given to any previous blog - so that in itself must be a good thing.