Sunday, 22 January 2012

Q1 - January 2012

Welcome to 'The Question'... a single question to be answered by bloggers on the same day, with the aim of sparking some conversation, debate and shared experiences on various blogs around the world. If you choose to answer The Question, please add your link to my page and therefore, I hope that responses will then be compared.

The question this month is:

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

Although I am more than comfortable with my sexuality, I still have those moments where I am not totally honest about it. It's just easier to avoid 'that conversation' about being gay sometimes and that's wrong for many reasons. Whether at work or in a social setting, if I had no fear and knew that the outcome would be positive, I would be far more honest and open.
A far less serious situation would be... busking!  I can play the guitar to a sufficient amateur level and I am pretty sure my singing is (just about) listenable. So if I knew that no-one would judge me, I would play for the passing public. 

Both situations revolve around confidence of course. Some days I am low on confidence and much of that is about worrying what other people would think or say about me. There was a time when none of us cared what other people thought. Take the time when you were learning to walk. If you worried about people laughing when you fell, time and time again, you would have given up trying! So perhaps, it's time to take a risk - just imagine that you can't fail and try it anyway...


  1. A trusted question indeed, get's the synapsis all a twitter!!/2012/01/what-would-you-attempt-if-you-could-not.html

  2. I can so easily sympathise with that you say in your first paragraph. It's always less hassle to avoid confrontation (with its accompanying pain, rejection etc), even where it's just a possibility rather than a certainty. If only we all had thicker skins - though being sensitive is not necessarily a downer (so I'm given to believe)
    As for busking - are we going to be favoured with a demonstration, even maybe on one of your 30 sec videos? I look forward to it.

    Nice posting, Stephen.

  3. There was also a contribution from Caron at Caron's Musings: