Thursday, 26 January 2012


What if... some of the top films in recent years had actually been remakes? Artist Peter Stults has taken this thought and designed posters for movies that could have been made decades ago, but were not. Brilliant idea!


  1. That's pretty clever!

    Btw: Stephen. I've only just had the idea of myself posting a monthly blog of the films I've seen at the cinema. (You'll find it hard to believe that I hadn't thought of it before - but it's true that only this very morning the idea popped into my bonce.) You know that I keep a 'record' (actually since 1966) and for many years, like you, I've been giving my films a score out of 10 - though I do allow for half-points. Only problem is how do I make it sufficiently different from your own monthly blog so that it doesn't look like I'm filching your own notion? I'm not sure if I WILL go ahead - I'd hate it that you'd feel miffed or trod upon. But it does seem a shame that I've not been sharing my thoughts on current films (still on release) at all unless (usually) another blogger first mentions a particular one. Also, at my age, I'm not sure how much longer I'll keep up this frequent cinema-going, or even want to carry on, let alone being capable of doing it.
    2012 has already started with some crackers - up to now, 8 seen and a further 2 coming up before the month is out.

    Just thought I'd air the way I'm thinking. Though if I do go ahead, in whatever form, you'd have every right to declaim "That bl**dy b*tch!"

  2. The blogosphere is a varied one - and there are few original ideas. My listing is a randomly timed one and not intended as a 'regular' posting really. Do what works for your own blog.

  3. Thanks, Stephen. I've now posted an introduction to my upcoming regular film blog - and included (hoping you don't mind) a nod and a link to your site here. Cheers.