Saturday, 27 October 2012


Last night Pete and I went to the cinema to see Skyfall on it's opening night.  The 23rd James Bond has received some great reviews, but I had worked hard to avoid listening to any of them and entered the cinema with little knowledge of the plot.
Daniel Craig is back for his third Bond film.  Although I liked his first film Casino Royale a lot, the last outing for Quantum Of Solice lacked any humour, a good storyline and the cut/cut/cut action scenes did my head in.  Despite that, it did have some good points.
A night out at the cinema is a rare event for us and our local independent cinema had two showings at 8pm and both were sold out. This is great news. We were in the biggest of the auditoriums and the atmosphere was thick with anticipation.
I wont spoil the film for you, but I can say that this stands as a fine spy drama on its own. When you add in the Bond humour (glad it's back), some great direction and the wonderful locations, it makes for a very good movie.
I enjoyed it throughout, with some classic lines and action scenes. The only downside were the liberal location errors on the Underground - but I'm being picky.
Easily 8/10 from me.


  1. I beat you to it - but only just!

    What struck me about the scenes on the Underground was that it showed up how it's all so pokey and ill-equipped for the rush-hour throngs which London gets (though we don't see it so thickly-packed in this film), let alone for emergencies. When you're actually there in the dense mass of it at those times one just sighs and accepts it, but the cramped conditions, narrow corridors and platforms, looked to me really dangerous and vulnerable seeing it in this film.
    And yes, films are as free with London locations and geography below ground as they are at street level. Accuracy doesn't always make for convenient film-making.

  2. I saw your posting and avoided reading it to avoid knowing anything about the story!

    1. 'Danger-time' now over, Stephen, for what it's worth.

  3. luckily for me i have never been on the underground so wont notice any nitpicky location errors lol

    glad you enjoyed it

    Peace :)