Thursday, 9 October 2008

Who the hell is...? - #2 The WAG

What do these footballers have in common?

1. They are all very ugly
2. They are all extrememly wealthy
3. They all have stunningly good looking wives

You can decide whether there is a link between facts 2 and 3 yourself. But to help you out a little, and by paraphrasing Mrs Merton. "So, what first attracted you to the pig ugly multi-millionaire footballer?"

The WAGs* just swan around like they have talent. Some even make money from it! How?! Why?! Who really thinks that these airheads have any talent? Some surveys have shown that young girls actually aspire to be like them! They are "famous" because they happen to have snagged an overpaid spoilt footballer. Celebrity culture annoys me! I am sure some are nice people...but.

Some of these women have been treated badly by their men (not all of them of course), but would you stay with a guy who slept with other women? Would you put up with someone who visited a whore when you were going out? Could you wake up in the morning to any of those faces staring back at you?!

And the point of this blog entry? Well, no great insights from me, it's mainly to show that I dont have much nice to say about the WAGs - nice people or not, it's a celebrity thing. But, this entry does give me the opportunity to post a picture of Mr Perfect to show how ugly those guys really are: Fernando Torres - what a shame he plays for Liverpool.

* wives and girlfriends

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  1. I know this is ripped of from a comedy show, but the term WAG implies that the footballers are adulterers, not an uncommon thing.

    It really should be Wives or Girlfriends, but I think the headlines in The Sun may have the Campaign for Racial Equality beating a path to their door!!!